Social History of Banjaluka is the result of the work of several activists, political and social workers from Banjaluka, who have started collecting oral historical records, in 2016, from Banjalukans who lived in Banjaluka during the war or were expatriated. The current archive is not complete and it will continue to expand with additional historical records, as well as with other content (transcripts, texts, photographs, videos). This website aims to become a digital platform with all the information that enables us to offer different memories of this city and/or to compare the aforementioned to the dominant narrative. The goal of this archive of testimonies is to become an important reference tool for all those who are interested in the universal topic of war and peace, transition, the past, and future of this city, academic, public life, activist or art-wise, for “if we want a social change, it should start where the society is”. Therefore, we invite all of you who are interested to reach to us to disclose the social history of Banjaluka together with us.

— Team —

Milica Pralica

Project Coordinator

Tamara Šmidling

Associate and Questioner

Tamara Miščević


Nevena Zelenika

PR & Social media manager

Dražana Lepir

Associate and Questioner

Danijela Majstorović

Associate and Questioner

Zoran Vučkovac

Associate and Questioner