Street Names Monuments of Historical Revisionism (VIDEO)

In Street Names Monuments of Historical Revisionism tv show, you can learn more about the changes in street names in Banja Luka and Prijedor through ideological, national, and cultural context.

This episode’s conversationalists were: Srđan Šušnjica, political analyst, Armina Galijaš, a historian from Center for Southeastern Studies in Graz, Milenko Radivojc from the commission for naming unnamed streets and city squares in Prijedor, and Igor Motl, a professor from Prijedor.

Take a look at the message the political system sends by changing street names. See whether they impose new identities and history upon us by erasing the parts that do not fit the governing policy. Also, how the name changing process in the Republic of Srpska is going on, and how street names affect the understanding of the society in which we live.

The show is part of the series You Are Politics produced by UG Oštra Nula.